The very definition of looking for something to be offended by.

RT @[email protected] the last major fur-con, it was "secret sauce" hallway pizza. This weekend, at apparently, it's this abomination...

Stop pretending the fandom is "wholesome" and "family friendly"!! It isn't!!

see also: Why I don't attend cons


@itsOasus erm... Is the purpose of this door to... Stick out your... Bum? XD

Sorry, but... Such silliness xD

@itsOasus I mean, I do not have totally sexual connotations... Not counting the tone of your toot? XD

But the number... XD it is a... Sex joke? XD

@szymonbrycki @itsOasus It's a play on a running comic that the original poster (Braeburn) created. And yes, your original guess was pretty close (person stuck in door for the use of, er, 'customers') πŸ™‚

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